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Personalized Turkish Beach Towels

Scents and Feels 100% honeycomb weave hand woven Fouta bath towel in solid colors is the perfectly simple yet soft and absorbent bath towel. Softer than a traditional terry, Eco friendly as it will dry in minutes. Also known as Turkish Towel, will become a must have in your bathroom. Great on Boats as they are absorbent, compact and take up very little space. They are so versatile that they can be used for the beach, the spa, as a throw, a table runner and even as a cozy blanket. Create your own style and live in luxury!

Whatever your color preference may be, Scents and Feel has it! An extensive color palette is offered, as more than 20 different shades are available for you to satisfy your crave for beautiful splashes of color.


It is recommended to wash it twice before using to get the best absorbency and softness.

Monogramming FAQ
Monogramming for Individuals and Couples
Please note that we always ask for initials in the “first name, middle name, last name” order. We will sort the initials based upon the monogram style you have chosen. We pay close attention to orders place on our website. If there is any doubt on our behalf that the initials have been placed in the order you want to see them we will make every effort to confirm the initials prior to processing your order. Please see below for samples.
Individual Example:
“John Paul Smith” the initials should be entered as “JPS” and we will know to enlarge and center the “S” for the last name on traditional style monograms.